Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Design & Illustration: The Wilderking Series

Art Direction: Greg Pope
Design: Brand Navigation
   This is probably my favorite  of all the fiction projects I've worked on, mainly because the content was so great. If you haven't read these to your kids, do yourself a favor and pick them up (especially if your kids are boys). Mine loved the series (it's a trilogy but I only worked on the first two).
    My friend and the amazing writer Jonathan Rogers dreamed these wonderful stories up and I hear he's about to write more of them.


   On the second book I did the interior illustrations as well, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I did these in the month of December and I have great memories of sitting at my drawing table by the fire visualizing Jonathan's wonderful scenes. I know that's irrelevant, but this is a my blog entry so I get to reminisce a bit don't I?
   To see 'em larger just click 'em.

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